Photography: Used Images:     from this website Process: I first found a talk and thought of an idea that I wanted to do for the magazine and then I sketched it out. Then, since the talk was about temples, I went to the temple and took some pictures. I then edited the pictures on … More Magazine

Brochure Project

DESCRIPTION // Design a brochure in InDesign for the previous company that you have branded. PROCESS // I started by drawing out some ideas for the layout of my brochure. Then I opened InDesign and created 3 columns. I added in my logos and brand designs, followed by pictures for my company. For my writing, … More Brochure Project

Business Identity

Description: Create three logos for a company, pick one and establish a letter head and business card. Process: I came up with a videography company that I would want to do in the future and sketched some ideas for logos. I then got on Illustrator and started designing the ideas digitally. I came up with … More Business Identity

Montage Project

DESCRIPTION: Design an inspirational montage using the blend of images and type. PROCESS: I came up with a quote to use and brainstormed different ideas to make it come to life. In Photoshop I combined the base picture, the camera, with two separate pictures of sparklers. I used a variety of layer masks and the … More Montage Project