Business Identity


Description: Create three logos for a company, pick one and establish a letter head and business card.


  1. I came up with a videography company that I would want to do in the future and sketched some ideas for logos.
  2. I then got on Illustrator and started designing the ideas digitally.
  3. I came up with three ideas for logos. One being a type, an illustration, and a symbol. It took a long time to work on the alignment and getting the ideas just right. Also it took me a little while to design the camera the way that I envisioned.
  4. I decided on my favorite one to carry over to the letterhead and business card. I used the rules of alignment a lot while doing the letterhead especially.

Critique Process: I met with 3 other people in class and they gave me some really great advice on my work. We discovered that I needed to change one of the logos to add a symbol. Also, to begin with, they were all too similar so I changed them to make them more different.

Message: A videography company to capture memories of weddings, birth stories, etc.

Audience: Couples ages 18-35.

Top Thing Learned: How to use Adobe Illustrator better.

Color Scheme: Black and peach with other pastel colors in the flowers.

Title Font & Category: Paduka Script / Script

Copy Font & Category: Paduka Script / Script

Thumbnails of Used Images:

image-5 copy.png 12.pngimage-4.png7.pngimage-13.pngimage-12.png

Source of Images:


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