Brochure Project


DESCRIPTION // Design a brochure in InDesign for the previous company that you have branded.


  1. I started by drawing out some ideas for the layout of my brochure.
  2. Then I opened InDesign and created 3 columns.
  3. I added in my logos and brand designs, followed by pictures for my company.
  4. For my writing, I had to align it and fix the proximity.
  5. I then created the hexagon shape to put my description in in Illustrator and then transferred it over.
  6. I did this for both the front and the back of the brochure.
  7. I then printed it out and took pictures and exported them as JPEGS.

CRITIQUE PROCESS // In class, I met with 3 other students and they looked out my first draft of my brochure. It was still a pretty rough draft so I already had in mind that I was gonna change a lot. They gave me lots of good feedback about my work. They mentioned that I should add some different shapes or elements so it wasn’t so boxy, and that I should change up the inside so it is not all the same. I ended up starting completely over because I was not happy with my first piece. I kept their comments in mind and added different shapes and made the inside completely different. It was really nice getting other’s thoughts on my work.

MESSAGE //  To capture videos of special moments in life such as engagements,  weddings, and births.

AUDIENCE // Couples ages 18-35.

TOP THING LEARNED // The most valuable thing i learned was how to use InDesign better. It was so confusing to me at first because I was sued to using Illustrator. But after watching several videos I really got the hang of it. I also learned that sometimes you just have to start from scratch on your whole design to get a final project that you are pleased with.

COLOR SCHEME // black, peach, lilac, mint, & white

TITLE FONT & CATEGORY // (logo) Paduka / Script

COPY FONT AND CATEGORY // Baskerville / Serif



#1 / #2 / #3 / #4 / #5 / #6-#11 / #12:my own image



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