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Used Images:

president-thomas-s-monson-lds-591264-gallery    from this website


  1. I first found a talk and thought of an idea that I wanted to do for the magazine and then I sketched it out.
  2. Then, since the talk was about temples, I went to the temple and took some pictures.
  3. I then edited the pictures on Photoshop and adjusted the brightness and contrast.
  4. I then did the layout of the magazine using InDesign. I did the formatting of the paragraphs and added in all of my pictures.
  5. For the cover I had to put the image of the whole page and then do the title. Then I went back to photoshop and selected the temple away from the background. I added in that selection so the temple would go over the title.
  6. I added different colors and lines to the magazine to give it a more creative feel.
  7. Then I printed out my project, made some adjustments and printed the final version out.

What I Learned:

It is so hard formatting magazines!! I can’t tell you how long I stared at the page trying to think of creative ideas for formatting. Also once I would think of something new, I would want to change the whole thing. So I learned that creating multiple drafts is very important!! Also, I was still having trouble using InDesign so my knowledge and usage of that greatly increased as well.

Target Audience: Latter-Day Saints ages 10-90

Message: The importance of temples and their meaning.





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