PRSSA, Scroll, and Soapbox all came in to talk about their organizations. I had never heard of them before so I loved learning about them. I was really interested in Soapbox and what they have to offer, I love doing that kind of stuff. This could definitely be an opportunity I will try for in the future.


Someone came in and presented on journalism. He highly suggests reading the Wall Street Journal and New York times consistently to improve our skills as writers and to become informed on what is happening in the world. This is a great suggestion for me because it is not something I currently do.


Brother Mawlam presented about video production which is right up my alley! He shared of his experiences and how he started 90 second story. He showed different career paths you can take with this emphasis and what it takes to get there. This was extremely helpful because I am wanting to start a videography business.


Visual emphasis was what this class was about. Different teachers came in from different aspects of this emphasis such as, vector graphics, social media, and photography. They also talked about Adobe Achievement Awards and Adobe Max which was super interesting because I had never heard about those before. I am wanting to do my module in visual so it was helpful seeing what classes they offer that would be interesting to me.


This class was about Advocacy. Advocacy is helping people that can’t help themselves. I had heard of this before but I didn’t exactly know what it was so this class was very informative. It was amazing hearing about the different stories of people she has helped and what sorts of things you can do in this career.


This class was all about PR. It is a planned process to influence public opinion through communication. I learned the difference between PR and Advertising. PR is the reputation and you have to rely on others to talk about it, whereas advertising is more product-based and has more content control.


A professor came in and talked about Advertising. This is an area I find extremely interesting so I loved seeing her student’s work and different advertising videos. It definitely takes a lot of creativity to be in this field. I also really love the “Mountains to Climb” video that she showed.